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The website uses “cookies”, which are text files that are stored on your computer, mobile telephone or other similar device when you visit the website. These text files contain information that is used the next time you visit the site, with a view to remembering your settings and to perform analytics. The cookies’ content is read and written autonomously by the website. Cookies are text-based files, not software. This means that they do not contain malicious software coding such as viruses. You can either delete or block cookies when visiting the website, but this may mean that the website no longer functions optimally and there may be content that you are unable to access.

When you visit Mundipharma’s website, we store the following cookies on your device:

Google Analytics Used to record use patterns and number of visits to the site.
Polylang Saves and reads the individual user’s language preferences.
Pop-up To save information about who has accepted the pop-up which is there to ensure that certain pages can only be accessed by healthcare professionals.


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