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About Mundipharma

Part of a global network

Mundipharma in Denmark is part of Purdue/Mundipharma/Napp – an international network of independent associated medical companies. The privately-owned network operates in the global pharmaceutical market and has more than 8,000 employees around the world.

Mundipharma in Denmark

Mundipharma operates in 51 countries around the world, including 33 European countries. Mundipharma A/S was established in Denmark in 1994 and our many services include marketing Mundipharma’s products on both the Danish and Icelandic markets.

Partners with shared goals

Mundipharma collaborates with pharma and biotech companies all over the world. We help our partners achieve official approvals, develop go-to-market strategies and establish strong market positions their medicines on the Danish and Icelandic markets.

Innovative, new treatment methods mean new ways to improving the health of patients.

If your company or research unit develops exciting new medicines, we have the experience and network to help you bring it to market.

Contact us

Anders W. Fogstrup

Managing Director, Head of Nordics, Mundipharma

Telephone: +45 45 17 48 00

Email: mundipharma@mundipharma.dk

The way towards the next breakthrough

The research environment leads the way in the hunt for new, innovative treatment methods. Therefore Mundipharma supports senior researchers, specialists and PhD undergraduates within our core areas and collaborates with researchers at the country’s universities and hospitals. Prior to new medicines and treatments emerging into markets, clinical trials are performed with patients. These are always carried out according to carefully established guidelines which guarantee scientific validity and patients’ safety. Information about clinical trials can be found at www.clinicaltrialsregister.eu and www.clinicaltrials.gov.

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Strong partner relations worldwide

They are all familiar with the ethical guidelines which we are subject to, among others The Danish Pharmaceutical Industry’s Lobby Index with decision makers and the LIF’s Lobby Codex.


Our current partners are:

Rud Pedersen
Astma-Allergi Danmark

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About Mundipharma

Mundipharma A/S is a part of Purdue/Mundipharma/Napp, which is an international network of independent associated medical companies.

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